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The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar   (Access 2007 and higher)
How to use Windows System Colors   (Access 2003 and earlier)
Where are the Options?   (Access 2007 and higher)
Options for Current Database   (Access 2007 and higher)
Trusted Location   (Access 2007 and higher)
Export Specifications   (Access 2007 and higher)
Import Specifications   (Access 2007 and higher)






Make Controls resize with a form  (Access 2007 and higher)
My favorite since the NNTP's went away!
(All samples in Access 2003 unless otherwise specfied.)
Switch Windows  (Access 2007 and higher)
Navigation Pane Options  (Access 2007 and higher)

"Little else matters than to write good code."

Karl Lehenbauer

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Data Models

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Object Designers (Access 2007 and higher)
Jobs  (aka: Work Orders, Projects)

Send eMail to Multiple Recipients (using DoCmd.SendObject)

Set Subdatasheet to [None] (Access 2003 and higher)

Complaints  (Access 2007 and higher)

Training with Attendance  (Access 2007 and higher)

Products (Shoes and Clothing)  (Access 2007 and higher)

Tasks  (Access 2007 and higher)

Multicolumn Report with Images  (Access 2007 and higher)
Publications  (Access 2007 and higher)
Clubs (or Associations)  (Access 2007 and higher)
Purchase Orders with Inventory  (Access 2007 and higher)
Hotel Bookings  (Access 2007 and higher)
Recipes  (Access 2007 and higher)
Recipes with Grocery List Maker  (Access 2007 and higher)
Grocery List Maker  (Access 2007 and higher)
Real Estate  (Access 2007 and higher)
Inspections  (Access 2007 and higher)

(Access 2007 and higher)


Help (Show Help and/or Tips in your Database)
Parking Lot  (Access 2007 and higher)