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You can use this Function to lock/unlock all the *bound* controls on a form.  Copy/paste this function into a Module.  Remember, do not name the Module the same as the Function.

Lock / Unlock Bound Controls...

Public Function fncLockUnlockControls(frm As Form, LockIt As Boolean)

     'Lock or unlock all data-bound controls on form,
     'depending on the value of : True = lock; False = unlock.
     'Posted in the Newsgroups by Dirk Goldgar Access MVP 2005

     On Error GoTo Err_fncLockUnlockControls
     Const conERR_NO_PROPERTY = 438

     Dim ctl As Control

     For Each ctl In frm.Controls
         With ctl
             If Left(.ControlSource & "=", 1) <> "=" Then
                 .Locked = LockIt
                 .Enabled = True
             End If
         End With
Skip_Control: 'come here from error if no .ControlSource property
Next ctl

     Exit Function

     If Err.Number = conERR_NO_PROPERTY Then
         Resume Skip_Control
         MsgBox "Error " & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
         Resume Exit_fncLockUnlockControls
End If

End Function


Private Sub Form_Current()

If (Me.txtStatusID) = "C" Then
    fncLockUnlockControls Me, True  'Locked
    fncLockUnlockControls Me, False   'Unlocked
End If

End Sub

To call this Function you need a trigger, in the example txtStatusID is used, and then place something like the below in the On_Current event of your form...