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Navigation Pane Options...

By right mouse click on the Navigation Pane on the title bar (*All Access Objects*) you can get to options like... Category, Sort, removing (or showing) the *Search Bar* and more...
Or you can hide the Navigation Pane entirely by unchecking ‘Display Navigation Pane’ under Navigation on the Options menu.  Now, if after all the this you still can't adjust to the Navigation Pane, have a look here...
How to use Windows System Colors   (Access 2003 and earlier)
Where are the Options?   (Access 2007 and higher)
Trusted Location   (Access 2007 and higher)
Export Specifications   (Access 2007 and higher)
Import Specifications   (Access 2007 and higher)


Object Designers (Access 2007 and higher)
The Navigation Pane replaces the Database Container found in Access 2003 and lower.  When you open a database it is permanently docked to the left.  Below are a few of the things you can do via the Navigation Pane.  Click the letters to jump to the screen shot...
To Show/Hide the Search Bar you can either right mouse click on the Navigation Pane and select/deselect or go to Navigation Options (see * C *) and select/deselect from there.
Change the way you display (view) your Objects
Change the way your Objects are Sorted
Using the drop down you can *Navigate to Category* (also available from * I * under Category) or *Filter By Group*
Hide (or show) individual Objects from here by checking the *Hidden* (or unchecking) the check box
Enter a Description for individual Objects (Tables, Queries, Reports, etc...) here
Right-mouse click on the Navigation Pane for options for the individual Objects (Tables, Queries, Reports, etc...
Details allows you to see *Date Created*, *Date Modified* and any *Description* you might have entered.
Icon allows you to see the Object Icon and the name you assigned to it.
List allows you see an Icon view view only smaller with no *Details*.
Navigation Options
From here you can select Display Options (*Show Hidden Tables*, *Show System Objects*, as well as, *Show [or Hide] the Search Bar*) and how to open your Objects (*Single or Double Click*).  You can also add Categories and/or Groups...
While you can Sort by many things, sorting by description is gone.  For some of us this was a handy thing as you could put things like *Step 1*, *Step 2* and so on.  Well, you can still do that just using Groups instead.  You can then assing your Object any name you like, such as, *Step 1 - Run this query first*, *Step 2 - Run this Update query second*, etc...
Shutter Open/Close the Navigation Pane
Entering a Description here shows above...

Set Subdatasheet to None (Access 2003 and higher)