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Data Models

Data Model ~ Real Estate...
This data model was designed to handle Brokers, their Listings and Sellers attached to those Listings, as well as, the Buyers interested in the Listings.  (Note, there only tables included in this database the balance is up to you!)
Business Rules...

Each Listing will have a Broker

Sellers may have more than one Listing

Rooms will vary in size

There will be Buyers

There will be multiple Listings

Listings will vary in Type...

Buyers may be interested in multiple Listings

There will be Sellers

Main Entities...



Sellers assigned specific Buyers

Buyers will work with Brokers

Download Sample (Access 2007 and up and an unzipping program needed)

Buyers may be looking in specific Locations


in Size and Levels

in Location

in amount of Rooms

Listings can have more than one interested Buyer

Listings Asking Price may change

Buyers will most likely be looking for specific Room Counts

Brokers will... assigned specific Listings