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Data Models

Data Model ~ Publications...
I originally started this as a demo to show how to handle mulitcolumn reports with images.  It quickly became a way to handle Newsletters, Blogs, RSS Feeds and more.  So this Data Model has the extra added bonus of having forms, reports and sample data, however, the balance is up to you!
Business Rules...

Publications may have a Logo (image)

There may be Subscribers

There may be several different types of Publications

Publications will contain one or more Articles

There can be multiple Articles to one Publication

Articles may or may not have images

Rearranging of Articles because of deletion ot just because it's not wanted

Subscribers may request different delivery options (Frequency of Publication)

Articles can be printed without a Publication

Main Entities...



Articles may or may not have Authors

There may be a need to identify Publications by Tags based on Subscribers

Download Sample (Access 2007 or above and an unzipping program needed.  Images not included!)


Most of the Error Code is what I call *Lazy woMan's* code (On Error Resume Next).  So, you want to make sure you add proper Error Handling!