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Data Models

Data Model ~ Inspections...
This data model was designed to handle Residential Inspections. (Note, there only tables included in this database the balance is up to you!  Some tables contain sample data.)
Business Rules...

There will be many Inspections...

Main Entities...


Download Sample (Access 2007 and up and an unzipping program needed)

on different types of Residences

which will be different in material, shape and size


While most Rooms will be the same the Kitchen and the Bathroom will not which is why there are seperate tables for each.  In this Data Model they are tied to the rRoomID in tblRooms at the table level.  So, if you decide to change the Rooms entered you will need to change the Defaults in tblKitchens and tblBathrooms.

of which you may want to take pictures

and/or the Parties may be present

requiring Inspectors