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Data Models

Data Model ~ Restaurant Reservations...
Download Sample (Access 2003 and Unzipping program needed)
This data model was designed to handle resataurant reservations.  It contains over 200 restaurant locations already filled in along with other data.  (Note, there only tables included in this database the balance is up to you!)
Business Rules...
A Restaurant can have more than one type of Cuisine
A Restaurant can server more than one Course
...each Course can have a different Rating
A Restaurant will have one Rating but...
If I am the Hotel I will need to store multiple Restaurants
If I am the Restaurant I will need to store multiple Hotels
If I am a Concierge Service I will need multiple Hotels and Restaurants
You will need to have a price range (tblExpense)
You will need to know the Dress Code
You will need to know *where* to call them back, ie: Hotel, Cell or Other
Main Entities...