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Data Models

Data Model ~ Complaints...
This data model was designed to handle tracking of Complaints by an outside Company.  (Note, there only tables included in this database the balance is up to you!)  This Data Model has a *special* feature, it shows how you can keep Company's and Contacts in one table.  For more on that see My Blog Circular Reference (well, kind of)...
Business Rules...

Complaints will have Levies attached to them

Members will have Complaints

Complaints will have Activities attached to them

Members will pay Fees for your Company to handle Complaints

Members can have multiple Complaints

Main Entities...



Complaints can be had by Individuals or Companies

Download Sample (Access 2007 and up and an Unzipping program needed)

Levies may increase over time and should also be stored in tblComplaintLevies

Members may pay a Levy defined by the Complaint

Members can be Companies or Individuals or Individuals working for Companies that are Members