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Data Models

Data Model ~ Parking Lot...
This data model was designed to handle non-paying Parking Lots. (Note, there only tables included in this database the balance is up to you!  Some tables contain sample data.)
Business Rules...

There will be two types of Drivers...

Main Entities...


Download Sample (Access 2007 and up and an unzipping program needed)

Associates (people who work at the location)

each Driver will have their own vehicle

Parking Lot

The theory - You have a Form based off tblParking.  If the Driver is not already in the Driver Combo Box (drop down) you would then have two Command Buttons, Associate or Visitor, which would bring up a Form to enter the required information.

The tblDrivers would be a Subform on the the Form for Associates and for Visitors.

and because there can be two identical Vehicles we need to capture the license plate and the color

Visitors (everybody else)

My apologies to all the female drivers!