Snippets for Exporting to Excel...

Most code here has been tested and, in some cases, used.  Any code untested will be marked accordingly.  We offer no support for the code or your ability to implement it.  If you require assistance please post in one of the Forums listed here.  It is strongly recommended you test the code in a copy of your database.  In other words, use at your own risk!
Add a Filter to Columns A thru Y...
After Exporting your Data to a Template Rename to Excel Workbook...
Set rst = Nothing
xlWBk.SaveAs "C:/YourDirectory/NewFileName.xlsx", 51
Copy/Paste Cell Values, such as, Formulas...
With XLApp
    .Range("G3").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues
End With
Make sure Column maintains its Date/Time Format even after Export...
xlWSh.Range("A:A").NumberFormat = "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM"
Insert a Worksheet from One Workbook into Another Workbook...
Make Columns A thru Y AutoFit to the Values Inserted...
The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Public Function InsertSP()
On Error GoTo InsertPageErr_Err
     Dim xlapp As Object
     Dim xlWbkNew As Object
     Dim xlWbkOld As Object
     Dim strSheetName As String
        Set xlapp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
        Set xlWbkNew = xlapp.Workbooks.Open(Forms![frmExport]![txtExportPath] & "/" & Forms![frmExport]![txtNewFileName])
        Set xlWbkOld = xlapp.Workbooks.Open(Forms![frmExport]![txtExportPath] & "/" & Forms![frmExport]![txtOldFileName])
        strSheetName = Forms![frmExport]![txtLDSheetName]
     xlWbkOld.Worksheets(strSheetName).Copy After:=xlWbkNew.Worksheets(xlWbkNew.Worksheets.Count)
     xlWbkNew.Worksheets(strSheetName).Name = Forms![frmExport]![txtNewFileName] & " SP"
     xlWbkOld.Close SaveChanges:=True
     xlWbkNew.Close SaveChanges:=True
   Set xlWbkNew = Nothing
   Set xlWbkOld = Nothing
   DoCmd.Hourglass False
 Exit Function
   MsgBox "Error # " & Err.Number & " This Worksheet already in the specified Workbook!"
 Resume InsertPageErr_Exit
End Function 
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