Data Model ~ Templates...

The Data Model is used to create Templates for project management though it could be modified to handle anything that has pieces and parts that make up a whole item.  To download the Data Model click here.
The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer.
Business Rules...
Templates may have specific Features
Templates have a Price which is based on hours to create (allow overwrite)
Every Project will have the same base tables
Each Template will have different Objects
Each Object will have a time to create though creation time should be modifiable per Template
You will need to store Creation Time for individual Objects
A way to transfer an Object to a Template
To know whether a Data Model is available and where it is
Main Entities...
Data Models
Tips (Main)
Restaurant Reservations
Property Management
Jobs (or Work Orders)
Training with Attendance
Products (Shoes of Clothing)
Clubs (or Associations)
Purchase Order with Inventory
Hotel Bookings
Real Estate
Grocery List Maker
Recipes with Grocery List Maker
Parking Lot
Appointments (i.e. Salon)
Damage Investigations
Call Center
Tour Agency
Training (with Cirriculum)
Access Basics
Data Modeling 101
Utter Access - Design Strategies
Naming Conventions
Modeling Human Relationships
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